Lamar Bashes Their Way To Perfect Start

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Lamar (KFSM) -  The brash, confident, and undefeated Lamar Warriors have heard what you said. They just don't care.

"Everybody’s been saying how we just play all these easy teams, that’s how we're 7-0, 8-0, cause none of these teams have been really hard, but we’ve had some challenging teams," says senior Blake Stepp.

And regardless of how they got there, they’re not surprised to be 8-0, says senior Willis Coller.

"It’s kind of what we had planned from the beginning, we came into this year pretty confident."

Head coach Josh Jone agrees.

"We looked at our schedule and we felt like if we can get into the conference, we could have a chance to go 8-0."

The year got off to a rough start, when Danville returned the opening kickoff of the season. But Lamar battled back, and the Warriors have found new ways to win ever since.

They’ve won games by one point and 35 points. No part of this team lacks confidence, whether it’s the offensive line that fronts a rushing attack averaging over 250 yards per game.

"We carry those backs on our back," says Collier, "so how well they do directly correlates with how well we do."

Or the defense that steps up when that attack falters

"Offense has kind of been lacking here lately honestly, but the defense has kind of carried the team to a pretty good season so far," says Stepp. "The line can get to quarterbacks to stop the pass, and get off blocks to stop the run."

With their biggest test of the season coming Friday against Booneville, the Jones says the Warriors are sure of one thing:

"The kids like to win, and when you’re winning everything works itself out."

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