Adventure Arkansas: Haunted Prison And Trail Of Terror

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This week’s Adventure Arkansas isn’t for the faint of heart. We gathered up the courage and visited the Haunted Prison and Trail of Terror. It's the only haunted house in the Fort Smith and Van Buren area that we could find. We’re just in time for Halloween so join us if you dare.  

We’re about to go on a half-mile terrifying adventure. Let’s get our scream on.

Haunted Prison and Trail of Terror.

We got pretty spooked as we walked through learning what all goes into creating a haunted house. It’s a huge industry. The owners of the haunted prison attend a Halloween show each year.

“They have stuff set up where you could purchase animatronics, and it gets better and better every year. You never know what you’re going to see when you get in there,” stated Steve Maddox, Manager at the Haunted Prison.

Animatronics, actors, and still-figures all work together to scare you as you walk, or run, on by. And, strobe lights are used to disorient you. It takes a full crew and a year of planning.

“We work on it year-round. We get ideas and we come and do it and see how it works out. If it don’t work, then okay it didn’t work and we try something else," said Maddox. 

As we walked through, we found some of our worst fears.: clowns, dead figures, and ferocious dogs. You leave the haunted prison and reach the trail of terror. You walk along the trail in complete darkness. But be careful, because you might run into a few creepy creatures. Many of the characters are based off of recent scary movies. Even if you’re frightened easily, they make sure you’re staying safe on the trail.

“So we try to keep an eye on every group that goes by and make sure they go the right way. If they get off the trail, we have someone that rushes after them and gets them back where they’re supposed to be," explained Maddox.

If you want the real scare factor you’ll have to go at night. With Adventure Arkansas, and covering the haunted houses where you live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Sabrina Bates.

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