Flavors: Steffey’s Pizza

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Hey guys, Megan Graddy here with this week’s Flavors in Lavaca at Steffey’s Pizza.

That crispy crunch you hear is the crust of a one of a kind, homemade, brick oven pizza that you can only get at Steffey’s Pizza.

Everything made at Steffey’s is made fresh daily… from their secret family recipe dough.

“We have made about 754 pounds of dough this week already,” said LeaAnn Steffey-Ellison.

Grated smoked provolone cheese, savory pizza sauce with a kick.

“We cook out sauce every day for five hours,” said Steffey-Ellison.

And all of the toppings are chopped, sliced, and diced for the perfect pizza toppings.

Their history runs deeper than their stuffed Uncle Romans pizza pie too…

“My parents originally started this in 1963 in Pennsylvania and we moved here in 1980 and opened in 1981 and we have been here ever since, and now it's just a staple of Lavaca,” said Steffey-Ellison.

Even their decorations have a purpose, from their re-purposed pie plates...

“ I use the old pie plates for picture frames,” Steffey-Ellison.

Their unique light fixtures are great.

To their game room full of pictures featuring, “Where Has Your Steffey’s Shirt Been?

From prep, to oven, to table, the guest at Steffey’s know good pizza when they see it!

And how could we forget about their cheesy chicken spaghetti… the phone wouldn’t let us… it rang off the hook to make sure they got their serving of it!

After all of our hard work in the kitchen, LeaAnn thought we deserved a piece of the pie.

And what better way to finish off a meal at Steffey’s than a s’mores pizza.

For this week’s Flavors, doing it Steffey’s Style, I’m Megan Graddy.

To check out their website, click here!

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