Fort Smith Family Goes All Out With Halloween Decorations

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- You don't have to wait till Christmas to see some spectacular holiday decorations, one Fort Smith family is going all out for Halloween.

The Lasiter's in Fort Smith has had a Halloween spectacular event at their home for the last 23 years.

Their front yard on Enid Street in Fort Smith is a sight to see for Halloween lovers.

"We love it, and this is our time of year. We're not into the ghoulish and all of that, but we have a lot of friends that love what we do, and it's a holiday we love to celebrate," Bonnie Lasiter said.

It all started with Bonnie Lasiter's mom, who wanted to make sure all of her grandchildren were getting the most out of Halloween. Bonnie said that her mother's love for the holiday and decorating has made her appreciate the time spent with her family.

"Wishing that my mom was her because she would be like 'Oh no you can't have the two dragons by each other because they fight' because she always made a story of it. So my favorite part is doing it together as a family," Bonnie told 5NEWS.

The family does put up decorations for other holidays, but never to the same extent as Halloween.

"We do have inflatables at Christmas, but it's not this blown up, cause you know, Christmas is a different time. It's a time for peace and tranquility," Bonnie said.

The family says they use about 12 extension cords and extenders to keep all of their inflatables up and going each night. They say they start setting up the decorations the last weekend in September.

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