Highfill Cemetery Vandalized In Possible Gravestone ‘Rubbing’

HIGHFILL (KFSM) — Highfill Police are asking for the public’s help in finding the suspect or suspects who vandalized a local cemetery.

On Wednesday afternoon, police found several of the older tombstones in the Douglas Cemetery covered in pink chalk.

Police indicated the chalk may have been put there as a result of gravestone “rubbing,” which is normally accomplished by placing paper over the gravestone and rubbing the paper with chalk to get an imprint of what’s written on the stone.

In this case, the pink chalk was rubbed directly onto the stone and left there. A photo posted by the police on Facebook showed at least 18 of the older tombstones in the cemetery covered in pink chalk.

“Ignorance or malicious, this is unacceptable,” police stated in the Facebook post. “Gravestone rubbings are not normally against the law, but defacing, and not cleaning, the stones is.”

“If the rain has not cleaned the tombstones by morning, we plan to clean them as soon as possible,” police said.

A plaque at the cemetery notes that Douglas Cemetery was established in 1858. It was placed on the Arkansas Register of Historic Places in July 2002.

Police are asking anyone with information on the vandalism to call (479) 271-1005.

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