Washington County Election Commission Meeting Over Ballot Issue

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The Washington County Election Commission met late Wednesday (Oct. 31) to discuss a new ballot issue impacting some voters in Springdale.

The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss a street filed in the wrong precinct. Voters on Gail Street were mistakenly assigned to Precinct 18 rather than the correct Precinct 6. Seven voters were given incorrect ballots, said Election Coordinator Jennifer Price.

The issue caused those seven voters to incorrectly cast votes in Arkansas House District 87, instead of the correct House District 89. Those voters will not get to recast their ballots, but their votes will still be counted.

Price said the problem dates back to an error made during redistricting in 2011 but was fixed late Wednesday.

Last week it was discovered that the State Senate District 4 race was not on the ballot for some voters in Fayetteville.  The issue with the State Senate District 4 has been resolved according to the Washington County Election Commission.

"We just want to kind of remind the voters," Price said. "If you think that there's a candidate that should be on your ballot and there's not if you would bring that to our attention, we'll do everything we can to look into that and make sure that we give you the correct ballot."

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