Adventure Arkansas: Mountain Biking Trails

Mountain biking is exploding in Northwest Arkansas. Across the country, people are taking notice or our local trails. They are thrilling following the terrain, well-built, and pristinely maintained. Recently a nationwide bike demo convention, Outerbike, specifically chose Bentonville to host their nationwide event because our trails are world-class.

Ashley Korenblat from Western Spirit, says, "Here in Bentonville, they're the model town for doing this. They have done so much great work in helping everyone get outside and promoting cycling, and it's really paying off."

Not only are the trails great, but they are also well connected within our towns. It's easy to hop onto our trails without needing to drive to a park just to ride our mountain bike.

Candace Kozark from FAST and Bike NWA says, "We are working on connectivity with the on-street infrastructure so being able to stay downtown or stay in another town and ride your bike from your hotel or from the region get over to the trail is really important."

There is also a great variety of trails, giving opportunities to both beginners and expert mountain bikers.

Korenblat says, "They’ve built every different type of trail that you can imagine, and they’re easy to get to and easy to understand and it makes it super fun."

They are trails here for everyone in Northwest Arkansas, including paved trails if you want more of a leisurely ride to more advanced trails that actually follow the terrain going over rocks and bridges, giving you more adventure in your bike ride.

We hit the trails ourselves, even doing some off-road riding. Once you get going, it's hard to stop because it's so much fun. With Adventure Arkansas and biking the trails where you live, I'm 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

NWA Trail information: Tap HERE

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