Arkansas Poll Releases New Data Ahead Of Upcoming Election

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Less than a week before the midterm election the University of Arkansas has released some new numbers in their Arkansas Poll regarding the upcoming election.

In the governor's race, incumbent Asa Hutchinson (R) polled at 59 percent according to the poll.  Jared Henderson (D) was polling at 35 percent.  All others polled at 6 percent.

Regarding ballot measures,

Referred Amendment 2, requiring a photo ID to vote, was supported by 73 percent with 24 percent opposing the Amendment.

Issue 5 was also polled; this would bring an increase in the minimum wage from $8 to $11.  Only 67 percent of people polled supported the Issue, with 29 percent opposing.

The poll also asked about current issues:

Regarding abortion, 38 percent polled support laws that would make it more difficult to receive an abortion.  20 percent favored laws that would make it easier for an abortion, while 36 percent supported no change.

When asked about gun control, 44 percent supported stronger gun laws, 43 percent supported no change in current laws while 10 percent supported less strict gun control.

The question was asked, "Do you think global warming, or climate change, will pose a serious threat to you or your way of life in your lifetime?"  47 percent of people answered 'yes'. This is up more than 50 percent from 4 years ago when the question was also asked. Forty-four percent of respondents answered “no,” a decrease of 17 points from last year.

The Arkansas Poll has been around for 20 years. This current poll selected 1,200 participants statewide to take part in the poll.

A link to the full poll can be found here.

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