Greenwood Students Learn How To Take Flight For Performance Of Tarzan

(KFSM) -- Theater students from Greenwood High School are taking their upcoming production of Tarzan to new heights.

Tarzan is known for swinging through the branches, so they've brought in a company from Kentucky to teach the students how to take flight.

ZFX Flying will be teaching the students how to soar on stage. "We fly everything, from professional shows, Broadway, large churches, high schools, and even middle schools." Flying Director at ZFX Flying Markeith Scott told 5NEWS.

Students at Greenwood are working hard to learn the safety precautions to make Tarzan swing through the jungle on stage.

"They've had some flying training where they learn the safety behind flying first, and then we learn the choreography of what they are gonna use in the show. The student's themselves are operating and lifting the other students in the air. And, they have fun, while singing and dancing and flying at the same time," Scott said.

The performance will be on Thursday, November 15 and Saturday, November 17 in the Greenwood Performing Arts Center.

Musical Theater Director at Greenwood High School Tim Peerbolte said he is excited for the student's performance of the iconic musical.

"We have an extremely talented group of students performing," Peerbolte told 5NEWS.

The stars of Tarzan say they've been working hard to prepare for the performance.

"We started working on this performance in September. We've pretty much been working every day on this performance," Jillian Hollinsaid, who's playing the role of Jane, said.

Evan Griffith, who's playing Tarzan, said he's excited about his first lead role, and the challenges that come with it.

"If something goes wrong, just make sure you yell stop, drop, or take me to the ground," Evan Griffith, who's playing Tarzan, told 5NEWS.

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