Alec Baldwin Arrested For Allegedly Punching Person In The Face In Manhattan: NYPD

Actor Alec Baldwin.

GREENWICH VILLAGE, Manhattan (PIX11) — Actor and comedian Alec Baldwin was arrested Friday for allegedly punching someone in the face, according to police.

Baldwin, 60, was arguing with a man in his 40s over a parking spot when the incident occurred, according to sources.

It happened on East 10th Street near University Place, according to the NYPD.

Police would only confirm the actor punched someone in the face when a verbal altercation turned physical.

The person’s condition is not known.

When asked about the incident, President Donald Trump told the press, “I wish him luck.”

Baldwin, a Long Island native, is known for a number of starring roles. Most recently he has made headlines for his depiction of Trump on “SNL.”

He was previously arrested in Manhattan for allegedly riding his bicycle on the wrong side of the street and acting belligerently toward officers.