Wounded Veteran From NWA Gets Mortgage-Free Home

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) --  A local veteran and his family now has a new place to call home after a group presented them with keys to a brand new mortgage-free house on Saturday (Nov. 3).

It's a day the Piel family will always remember.

"A lot of emotions at once. It just leaves you speechless," Creed Piel, a wounded veteran said. Piel is a 15-year Army and Navy veteran. He joined the service after September 11, 2001, and during his time overseas Piel developed PTSD. To this day he continues to deal with a traumatic brain injury, depression, and anxiety.

The family received the keys to their new home from the group Building Homes for Heros.

The non-profit chooses veterans like Piel, who were injured while serving during wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"We like to give back to communities in which we live and work and serve. So, this is part of our philanthropic effort. These people go to war for us and put their lives on the line, and we want to give them a mortgage-free home," Nichole Harmon said.

"It was a dream to think that there was even an organization that supports veterans like this, and it's awesome," says Peil.

The Piels told 5NEWS they'll forever be grateful for the actions that will put them in their home to grow together.

"The roots that we're going to be able to set here is something that I've dreamed of and for our family. It's perfect,"  Peil said.

Building Homes for Heros plans to gift as many as 33 mortgage-free homes to veterans and their families this year. The group selects veterans through an application process on its website.

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