Mayor From A Honduran Town Visits The River Valley

FORT SMITH,  Ark. (KFSM) -- A mayor from a town in Honduras, and his wife, are in Fort Smith this week hoping to shed some light on food shortages in their country.

Armando Raudales and his wife Sandra are staying with families of Grand Avenue Baptist.

Church members from Fort Smith have been on missions to Honduras where they met the mayor and his wife.

The pair hope their trip to the U.S. will shed light on poverty and bring in donations to their municipality.

The mayor's wife said they plan to change areas in Honduras by giving people food, jobs and a way to flourish.

"To let them stay in our country and don't come to your country.  To have the 'Honduran dream' not the 'American dream' ...  to have our dreams," said the mayor's wife Sandra.

The Honduran couple help supply food centers in their country daily.

While in the U.S., the couple has secured donations such as an ambulance they hope to use to get expectant mothers from a village to a hospital.

Armando Raudales was elected mayor to Guaimaca, one of 28 municipalities within the Department of Francisco Morazán -- overall, there are 18 departments in the small Central American country.

Guaimaca's estimated population is less than 30,000.

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