Hunter Gets A Rare Doe With Antlers In Missouri

FAIR GROVE, Mo. (KTVI) — Lindy Sutherland, 12, went out on her first hunting trip and ending up with quite a rare prize right in Fair Grove, Mo.

KY3-TV covered the story and talked to Lindy’s father, Brian. He told them that the moment they realized the deer was a female Lindy immediately asked, “Am I in trouble?”

“I said no, you’re not in trouble but it is a rarity,” Brian said with a laugh.

A doe with antlers is very rare to come across. Francis Skalicky with the Missouri Department of Conservation told KY3 that the odds can run as high as 1-in-5,000 of harvesting a doe with antlers.

“It’s rare, but not unheard of,” Skalicky explained. “It’s either a doe with a high amount of testosterone or a true hermaphrodite deer, which is basically half-and-half in the gender spectrum.”