U of A Students Talk About Suspicious Activity Rumors On Campus

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — Social media has been buzzing with stories about suspicious activity on the UA campus, but the University of Arkansas Police (UAPD) said those posts aren’t correct.

UAPD sent out an email alert over the weekend after the frightening posts spread on social media.

Since then, UAPD has increased patrols on campus. But, they say they have not received any reports to investigate these claims.

The email and rumors have some students being more cautious on campus.

“I always feel kind of unsafe on campus because I`m a small person. I`m five foot nothing. It`s a huge campus. I walk from Kimpell to Harmon all the time, and even though it`s a short walk, it`s still kind of nerve-wracking to think that someone could grab me at any moment,” Haleigh Schmidt told 5NEWS.

Haleigh Schmidt said while she knows campus police are patrolling more, she knows they can only do so much.

She said she knows it’s not ideal, but that’s why she started carrying a knife.

“I can grab out of my pocket quickly if I can. I`ve taken a self-defense course before, and at this point, it`s kind of sad that I would have to do that because I would like to feel safe on campus. I would like to feel safe anywhere in this town, but at this point in our society, it`s just kind of hard doing that,” Schmidt says.

Kellie Audrain thinks the email kind of blew everything out of proportion because UAPD or Fayetteville Police never received any reports.

“I just really have no idea if it`s true or not and with the way people are like here, all these different things, I don`t know what to believe really. But, I still walk with people at night. I do what I can to be safe, it`s just something you should do anyway,” Audrian said to 5NEWS.

UAPD is encouraging students to download the free Rave Guardian safety app. It allows you to check in with people you trust and it will enable you to call UAPD directly.

UAPD asks anyone who sees anything suspicious to call them so they can file a report and investigate.

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