Protesters Rally Outside Washington County Courthouse Over AG Jeff Sessions’ Resignation

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Around 100 people gathered outside the Washington County Courthouse near the Fayetteville Square Thursday (Nov. 8) evening to protest what they’re calling a forced resignation of United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday (Nov. 7).

The protest is part of several other demonstrations happening nationwide on Thursday. The one in Fayetteville was promoted on the website MoveOn and Facebook.

The protesters say Sessions’ resignation threatens to undermine the investigation into Robert Muller’s investigation into President Trump and Russian collusion.

“We are in a state with a dictator who’s out of control, and he and his administrator are taking away our rights. We have the press that is now suppressed. Honestly 20 years ago I had more rights than I do today,” protester Corinne Spicer told 5NEWS.

Many people at the courthouse were surprised by the turnout.

“You know I got like 50 people that responded to me saying, yeah, we’re going to come, and another 100 said maybe. I was like ok, with this bad weather I’ll be happy with three dozen over two hours. The fact that it was five, this was supposed to start at 6, and we had 30 people out here at 4:45 p.m. I was impressed with the turnout and I’m happy to see people are passionate about this,” Travis Atwood, who was protesting at the courthouse, said.

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