Adventure Arkansas: Goat Yoga

You’ve "goat" to be kidding me. This Adventure Arkansas isn’t just about farm animals. We drove the Adventure Subaru to downtown Van Buren to participate in goat yoga. That’s right. It’s your normal yoga practice. The difference? Goats are walking around while you’re trying to focus. Well, they weren’t always walking around.

“The goats were surprisingly calm. And, so they actually made me feel calm. It was really a sweet kind of feeling," said yoga instructor Rebecca Dickens.

Yoga is a practice based on relaxation and healthy living. But, the goats bring a whole new experience, even to the seasoned yogi. During this session, the goats were larger and lazier, rather than the typical smaller goat.

"I think that I wondered if they would like come up to you while you’re doing poses and try to not get on you necessarily. But, yeah I guess I thought that they would interact more," expressed Cassandra Thomas, a yoga participant. 

I even tried the yoga, myself. I figured the goats wouldn’t get in my way. But, I was wrong.

Even though the goats kept to themselves most of the time, the animals were relaxing to be around. The combination of being in nature and being around goats grounded us.

“I was glad to see people that are adventurous, that want to do something that they’ve never done before. People who genuinely want to be in a situation like this and we’re outside, we’re in our community, you meet new people," stated Dickens.

With Adventure Arkansas, and relaxing with goats where you live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Sabrina Bates.

Segment Sponsored By: Adventure Subaru

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