It’s A Griswold Kinda’ Christmas Parade

ROGERS, Ark. (KFSM) --   Christmas parade's are ramping up around the area and that means it's time to get in the Holiday spirit.

For two northwest Arkansas families that means bringing the movie 'Christmas Vacation' to life.

“How can you drive this around town and not have a good time. Everybody has a smile on their face. Everybody recognizes the car, they understand what we are trying to do,” Travis Broadbooks said.

Travis Broadbooks or Clark Griswold said this year the station wagon has almost 400,000 lights and an even bigger tree on top.

“I don`t know if we are fun or just insane. I tell you, when our kids look back they are never going to forget this time in their lives,” he said.

And some of their good friends bought a cousin Eddie RV to join in on the parade fun.

“We like to do things that are fun. We like to live vicariously through ourselves. It just looked like a good time. We threatened that we would buy a cousin Eddie RV and go with them,” Reagan Gray said.

Reagan Gray or Cousin Eddie said when they found an RV that was in their budget and seemed mechanically sound, they bought it.

“We`ve had a few mechanical failures along the way. So far, we have a rate of about 50 percent success when we leave of getting where we want to be and back, but we are working on that though,” Gray said.

Cousin Eddie and Clark Griswold said other than having fun, it’s about spending quality time with their families.

Laila Broadbooks said they’ve been looking forward to it since the last parade last year.

“This year it`s more fun to have the RV because there are more people to do it with us and it`s not just us and we are letting more people into our tradition,” she said.


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