Offensive Line Clearing Path For Shiloh Christian Run

SPRINGDALE (KFSM)-- Shiloh Christian has won 11 straight games and finds itself sitting in the 4A quarterfinals. The offensive is explosive and the defense is lock down. But it all starts up front.

"We win football games because of our offensive and defensive linemen" head coach Jeff Conaway said.

"The O-Line especially the last couple weeks have showed up and blocked super well made my job super easy as a running back," senior Jaret Russ agreed.

"Blocking for them and then seeing them run it's just something else," offensive lineman Logan Kallesen said. "Cause you get to see all the missed tackles they make."

Sophomore Jaiden Henry added, "Our line will block their tails off for us and we'll run our tails off for our coaches and for our line just to get in the end zone."

That's somehting Shiloh has grown accustomed to. In the past three games, the Saints have scored 22 touchdowns. 18 of those have come from either Russ or Henry.

"Our job is to get them the glory," said Kallesen. "Ours is to be back in the shadows and block for them and do our job so they can do their job."

"You get to reward them for their hard work. You getting in the end zone, that's their touchdown too," Henry added.

Conaway's fellow coaches have been the key to this 11 game, dominant streak.

"Our staff, just the way that they continue to prepare our players to go out and play with such confidence and a comfort level."

"Coaches spend countless hours especially [our offensive line coach], Coach Widger. I mean he's here till sometimes 10 o'clock at night sending emails," Kallesen said.

"It's fun to watch our guys celebrate," Conaway smiled. "They're extremely selfless. And if you watch them after a score they're genuinely happy for each other. They celebrate with each other."

Shiloh faces its toughest test in a while, as Nashville comes to Champions Stadium on Friday night. With a win the Saints would host a semifinal against Arkadelphia or travel to Stuttgart the following week.

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