Ozark Police & D-H-S Investigating Reports Of Abuse At Daycare, Victim’s Mother Speaks Out

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OZARK (KFSM) — The Ozark Police Department and D-H-S are investigating after a boy with special needs was allegedly thrown on the ground by an aide at his daycare, giving the boy a concussion

Ozark police are reviewing video of the incident. Bethany Stark got a call from the Franklin County Learning Center on Friday. Stark told 5NEWS that her two-year-old son with special needs had fallen to the ground and threw up shortly after.

“When I told them I was going to come to get him they said ‘Okay, I think he’s fine.’ I came and got him and took him to the emergency room, and come to find out, he had a concussion,” Stark says.

Stark said her son had a stroke before he was born and a brain injury from birth. She says he also has the mental age of an eight-month-old so he can’t tell them what happened. She took her son Jackson back to school after the injury and later got a call from the director after she reviewed what happened.

“She told me that Jackson was thrown on the floor by a teacher, but they weren’t allowed to tell me who it was. They wouldn’t let me see the video or any of that, so I immediately called the police,” Stark told 5NEWS.

Ozark Police Chief Devin Bramlett said before last week they had never received any complaints about the daycare, and according to D-H-S the learning center also hasn’t had any complaints in the past.

“There is possibly a second victim in the same incident involving the same teacher,” Devin told 5NEWS.

Stark said this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to her kids. She said back in May, her other son who was four at the time and also has special needs came home from daycare saying a teacher had been pinching him.

“When he came down another night he pulled his pants down. He had huge bruises on one side of his body, like huge bruises and I immediately called the school and told the director what Zachary had been telling me,” Stark says.

Stark said no action was taken by the director for the incident involving her other son, and that police were notified.

Police said if a crime was committed the suspect could face felony second-degree battery charges.

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