Adventure Arkansas: Thanksgiving Blessing Baskets

Several hundred volunteers are making a difference this Thanksgiving holiday season, with Blessing Baskets. This week on Adventure Arkansas, we visited Cross Church at their Pinnacle Hills campus to see how they are trying to reduce hunger in Northwest Arkansas.

Doug Sarver, minister of Global Missions in Cross Church says, "In the Blessing Basket there is food for Thanksgiving meal, but there is also enough food for another three of four days worth of meals for the family because Thanksgiving comes and goes and the next day we’re still hungry, we still need to eat."

The assembly was incredible to watch. Three teams of volunteers raced to pack as many baskets as they could to fill a fleet of delivery trucks.

Travis Story, one of the volunteers, says "I was helping with the whole assembly process today where we are bagging thousands of bags of groceries that we can distribute. We want to give back, we want people to be able to come and have a great Thanksgiving meal and we’re trying to help them out in any way we can."

Even University of Arkansas students from out of state came out to help their home away from home.

Kayley Guy, a University of Arkansas student says, "I just think it’s really important wherever you go to get involved in the community and it’s a lot of fun to just help give back. To us it makes us feel like we did something important."

We are prepared to help 2250 families. It’s hard for us to understand how in Northwest Arkansas with all the prosperity we have, we are still two of the hungriest counties in our state.

When people came to pick up their baskets, all you could see were smiles and thankful hearts.

Nick and Jessie Chiddister say, "We think it’s really awesome. It’s super helpful with just having a baby and only have one income, having someone help out with food for the holidays is really great."

Laura Miller and Lisa Law say, "It’s mind-blowing. It’s overwhelming, to see how many people really need some help."

Cross Church and so many other churches and organizations are making a difference this year to make Thanksgiving more enjoyable for our fellow Arkansans. With Adventure Arkansas, and serving the community where you live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

Learn more about Cross Church Blessing Baskets - Tap HERE

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