Local Businesses Excited For ‘Small Business Saturday’

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Small business Saturday is tomorrow, and many small business owners say they are excited to show their community what they are all about.

Darcy Ames Harris owns Crimson and Clever, a vintage handmade store located in Fayetteville.

“I try and use vintage as much as I can or recycled fabrics. Some of the coats I make can take days. Some of the other things are a little less time consuming, but I try and make vintage inspired, really fun, unique pieces for kids," she said.

With Harris’ shop being opened for two years now, she says she looks forward to Small Business Saturday every year.

“Black Friday is kind of the opposite. Its all the big box stores doing their sales and small businesses need a day to shine. It's not easy having kids and running two businesses at the same time, but it's so worth it. I love it.”

Harris says she loves owning her own business especially with her parents right next door.

Annita and Edward Hejtmanek own Heartwood Gallery, an artist collective with over 26 local artists who display work in an ever-changing display of creativity.

“We’ve been here 17 years. This was my husband's woodworking shop, and he gave it to us 17 years ago.”

You can find pottery, fine art, jewelry, textile, stained glass, woodworking and much more. With only paying a small monthly fee…the artists at heartwood gallery get a 100% of their sales.

One local artist,  Hank Barnes says how thankful he is to have the opportunity to work at a place like heartwood gallery and says he understands the difficulty of keeping small business’s doors open.

“When you look around and see how many have come and gone, that just lets you know how tough it is. So anything you can do to contribute to keeping their head afloat I think is pretty significant, so I do what I can.”

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