Carson Ray Follows In Family’s Footsteps

BOONEVILLE (KFSM) -  If you've been to a football game in Booneville, there's a good chance you've heard train horns blasting to the sight of #33 racing his way to the end zone.

"As a coach, especially in big ball games, you want to be able to trust a kid when you give him the ball," explained head coach Scott Hyatt. "He's definitely one of those kids."
Looking at the stat sheet, Carson Ray dominates in just about every category.
Just this year - the senior fullback has had nearly 1,377 yards on 170 carries and 25 touchdowns (24 rushing, 1 receiving). He's scored a total of 150 points.
On defense, he's had 42 tackles and three interceptions.
"You always got a big playmaker and he never gets taken down by one person it seems like," mentioned quarterback Evan Schlinker. "It's always gotta be their whole defense to take him down."
Carson isn't the first Ray to excel as a Bearcat. In fact, he's become a part of the first ever three-generation trio to reach 1,000 yards in a single season at Booneville.
His father, Allen, had a career high year in 1999 with 1,761 yards. Allen holds the Booneville record for most career yards with 4,243. He tallied 1,290 of those in two postseasons.
Carson's grandfather, Bruce, racked up 1,197 yards in 1973.
"They both - they were dominant in the sport and I'm just trying to be like them," Carson said.
"He learned that from his dad," Coach Hyatt explained. "You see a lot of similarities between him and his dad in the way they run the football. I think he's faster than his dad was though."
The "Ray" name and the Booneville jersey go hand in hand.
"I've been called Carson like three times so everybody knows the name Ray," he laughed. And the family affair of football dominance isn't ending any time soon.
"I coached his dad for several years and I expected the same thing out of him and I expect the same thing out of his little brothers," Coach Hyatt said. "I think both of those guys are going to be good football players too."
Which means a guarantee of more knock-down, hard-nosed players to power the Bearcats to future success.
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