Metabolic Research Center: Daren’s Success

Daren began his weight loss journey in March. His goal was to lose 30 pounds by his daughter's wedding, which was in September. He met that goal several weeks in advance! He has now been on maintenance for the past three months, and hasn't gained a single pound back. Daren describes his experience with Metabolic Research Center as the easiest weight loss process he's every experienced, and says the team at Metabolic is who made it easy.

Metabolic's job is to give you the support you need. They also provide one-on-one counseling each week, recipe ideas, and menus. It is their job to fit the process into your busy lifestyle and make it simple for you. Once your weight loss goal is met they stay involved with once or twice a month check-ins and weigh-ins to make sure you stay on top of your health and keep the weight off for good.

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