Roofer Sparks Controversy Online Following Tornado In Van Buren

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VAN BUREN (KFSM) --  A late November tornado that hit Van Buren brought a lot of destruction with it, and some criticism online towards a roofer looking to cash-in on the wreckage left behind.

"A money maker came thrue Van Buren last night...," Frank Snell, the owner of Snell Roofing, said in a  Facebook post the day after a confirmed F2 tornado hit the city.

Snell told 5NEWS he posted the status before he knew the extent of the damage.

"I mean, I didn't know anything devastating happened. The pictures I was sent through my phone, through text, was previous customers saying they are going to need some traps, so I put 'moneymaker came through town' because I knew I was going to get some jobs out of that, but it got blown out of proportion," Snell said.

Several people started commenting on Snell's post asking why he would say something like that as such a devastating time.

"How could he post something so selfish in a time of a disaster. We should be thinking of other people and their needs and not our own," Wendy Roden said.

Roden said she received a response back from Snell after commenting on his post, "I was shocked at the words he used."

Snell says every roofer out there looks forward to storms coming through.

"Roofers pray for storms to come in and stuff, every roofer does, that's how they make their money."

Those who had homes and property damaged in Crawford County in Friday’s storms won’t be receiving state or federal assistance for repairs.

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