Jerry Martin Elected Alma Mayor In Runoff Election

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ALMA (KFSM) — Jerry Martin was elected Alma's mayor Tuesday (Dec. 4), defeating Ed Thickston by a close margin in a head-to-head runoff election.

Martin received 419 votes, just over 100 votes more than Thickston who pulled in 317.  It's a margin of 57 percent to 43 percent, with numbers now official.

Martin will replace Keith Greene as mayor of Alma. Greene was elected to serve as mayor of Alma in 2014.

"I want them to know that this is what happens when a community comes together, and this is exactly what we wanted to begin with, and that was to just get everybody to come together and understand that we're all gonna work together. This is a community effort. This wasn't me; this was a community that came together," Martin told 5NEWS.

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