Pair Of Playmakers Create Waves In Booneville Success

BOONEVILLE (KFSM) - Behind every team is playmakers. Those who set the team up in scoring situations, even if they're not the ones in the endzone.

Andrew Robertson didn't score for Booneville once on Saturday, but the junior ran for 148 yards on 16 carries.

"He wanted it bad. He played like he wanted it bad," said head coach Scott Hyatt. "I think he rallied the other guys. Got them up and got them going."

"It was a big game. In big games, you have to perform big," explained Robertson. "So you come out and you perform big when it calls time for it."

Standing at 5'6", you might not expect a powerful performance from the halfback.

"He plays like a big guy," Coach Hyatt mentioned. "He's been an asset all year. He works hard. He plays hard. You can tell just watching him. He's real fiesty. He's real full of energy on the football field."

Joined alongside Robertson is senior wide receiver Ethan Dobbs who has made an impact just about everywhere on the field for the Bearcats.

"I think he's scored about every way except a scoop and score and he would have had that if it wouldn't have gotten called back, but he's probably the best athlete on the team and makes a lot of big plays for us," Coach Hyatt said of the senior.

Dobbs has accounted for more than 1,000 all-purpose yards from rushing, receiving, kick return, punt returns, and interception returns - which comes from experience.

"I've been with this team for awhile," Dobbs said. "I know what they're capable of. I think they can do it and I can do it."

"Any time you've got guys like that that can make plays like that, it sometimes can turn the game around and change the momentum," Coach Hyatt added.
Which has been the case by a pair of playmakers who have been the driving forces behind Booneville's undefeated season.
Booneville will head to Little Rock for the state championship game for the first time since 2013. The Bearcats will kickoff against Osceola Saturday at noon.
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