Couple Buys School Bus, Sells Everything To Travel U.S.

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JENISON, Mich. (WXMI) — After selling everything they own, Caleb and Stephanie Rutkowski are leaving home for the holidays in a renovated school bus, giving themselves the gift of new beginnings as they travel the U.S.

Their adventure started five months ago when the couple bought a 2004 Bluebird School bus.

“They’re actually pretty cheap,” Rutkowski told our West Michigan affiliate WXMI Fox 17. “I’m a carpenter by trade, and we decided to renovate the bus in hopes of traveling one day.”

Caleb and his wife transformed the 300 square feet inside into a comfortable home, complete with entertainment space, a kitchen, bathroom, and a king size bed.

The couple then sold all of their belongings, rented out their home for the next two years, and made plans to head out West in what they now call The Boom Bus.

“It feels really good to purge all of your things and kind of evaluate what you need and what you don’t need,” Stephanie said.

The couple said their final farewell to family and friends. “At first they thought we were crazy,” Stephanie said. “They probably still think we’re crazy.”

They will share the next 24 months of their lives with West Michigan as they travel from coast-to-coast, making new memories and holiday traditions. The @boombusandus is their official Instagram and Facebook handles.

“We want to go somewhere with a mild climate,” Stephanie said. “We like to hike, and our goal is not to be on the bus but to be outside enjoying nature and everything God created for us to enjoy.”

Stop 1 is Arizona. After that, it’s a journey into the unknown. With no plans and open hearts, the Rutkowskis are wishing West Michigan a Merry Christmas from the comfort of The Boom Bus.

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