Gas Prices Take A Dip

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) -- Across the nation, gas prices are falling for drivers ahead of the busy holiday travel season.

According to AAA, the average price for a gallon of regular grade gasoline has dropped 22 cents in the past three weeks.

The national average is currently $2.51  -- with prices in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri among the lowest in the country at just over $2 a gallon for regular.

Many new drivers in the area say it's the lowest prices they've ever paid.

Kennedy Mahone is a new driver.  "Well, I was born in 2002 so I wasn't really alive for the low gas prices that it's compared to now, but my parents and all my friends are saying that this is the lowest gas that we've had.   And it's pretty great because I just started pumping my own gas with my own allowance and so I have to budget, but this is really working out in my favor so I get to spend more money on food," said Mahone.
Benton County has one of the lowest average prices in the state, according to AAA. it's $1.97.  Drivers in Washington County are paying a little more at $2.02 a gallon.
Meanwhile, in the River Valley,  Sebastian County drivers are also paying historic low prices.
The countywide average is $1.98.
Crawford County drivers are paying just over $2.03.
Industry insiders expect the prices to continue falling as long as crude oil prices remain under $60 a barrel.
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