Say It Isn’t So! But It’s So — CDC Says ‘No’ To Raw Cookie Dough

(KFSM) — It’s a Christmas tradition to make Christmas cookies, and who hasn’t licked the bowl afterward, or at least snuck a little taste of the raw cookie dough?

Well, don’t do it, the Centers for Disease Control warns this holiday season.

The CDC says raw flour can make you sick, and they point out a 2016 e.coli outbreak that sickened 63 people as an example.

In addition, the CDC mentioned that salmonella could be present in raw eggs, which is often also used in creating cookie dough.

Oh, and apparently cake mixes aren’t off the hook. Like cookie dough, they contain raw flour as well, and can carry e.coli.

Perhaps it might be better to stick with those “cookie dough” flavored, store-bought, safe desserts. As for the cookie dough, well, it may be better to stick to baking it into delicious cookies.

You can see the full CDC warning, along with some safety tips, by clicking here.

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