Sebastian County Sheriff’s Drug Task Force Takes Large Amount Of Drugs Off Street

FORT SMITH (KFSM)-- The Sebastian County Sheriff's Drug Task Force executed a drug search warrant at a home on Gary Street this week.

"We developed some information that some people were trading a large amount of methamphetamine and this information was developed from several different sources, said Captain Philip Pevehouse with the Sebastian County Sheriff's Department.

Inside of the home investigators said they found two felons, three guns, cash, paraphernalia and an ounce of methamphetamine.

Logan Tibbitts and Crystal Force were arrested in connection with the drug bust.

"If you think about an ounce it doesn't seem like much but you have to remember a usable amount can be a few flakes of crystal," Pevehouse said. "An ounce right now on the street today is around $500, $600, $700. That's kind of changed over time. Years ago an ounce would cost over $1,500. It was scarce. Currently an ounce of methamphetamine, because of all the influx of drugs to our area, the market drove it down.

Investigators said the drug bust is part of an ongoing war on drugs in Sebastian County.

"Our goal every time we make an arrest is to go another step above, to go to the source, to go the cartel level, to go to where it's coming from into our area and to seize that trafficking right there and put a stop to it," Pevehouse said.

The investigation involved the Sebastian County Sheriff's Drug Task Force with help from Fort Smith K-9 Division and the Barling Police Department.

Investigators said a child was removed from the home.

"I'm glad not only for putting a dent in the meth trade but more particularly we are taking guns away that are in the hands of felons," Pevehouse said. "There was also a charge of endangerment of a minor. We found a minor in the home who is now safe. They are in an environment that doesn't have to see this anymore."

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