Local Teacher Appears On ‘The Price Is Right’

POCOLA, Ok. (KFSM) — Come on down! One local woman got the chance to check something off her bucket list.

Cheryl Bradford is a substitute teacher at Pocola Middle School. She appeared on ‘The Price is Right’ Thursday morning (Dec. 20).

For Bradford, appearing on one of her favorite television shows was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I loved it! It was on my bucket list. Made that bucket list and you don`t know until you get that name called down. I didn't hear them, but I saw my name on the poster board and it was awesome,” said Bradford.

A watch party was held at Pocola middle school where Bradford works. She sat alongside her students in the same outfit she wore on the show.

With the chance to win a new Lexus, host Drew Carey tempted her with other prizes, including a tablet, exercise equipment, a grill, and more than $5,000 in cash.

Bradford decided to play it safe and chose the other prizes.  If she hadn't changed one number at the last second, she could have won the $43,000 car. By changing that number, she would have lost it all had she not chosen to take the other prizes instead of trying for the car. She says she still has no regrets.

"I`m so glad I got to go on that show, and I’m so excited," said Bradford.

Cheryl also made it to the showcase showdown at the end of the game, but she didn't win the big prize.

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