State Population Adds 11,000 New Residents But Drops To 33rd Largest State

(TB&P) — Arkansas’ population count is now well over 3 million residents after topping that historic mark more than a year ago as more U.S. and foreign-born residents continue to spill into urban centers across the South, according to year-end Census Bureau estimates released Wednesday (Dec. 19).

After officially jumping from 2,990,410 to 3,002,9997 residents between 2016 and 2017, the number of people living in the Natural State is now at 3,013,997, up 0.4% or 10,828 from a year ago. That slight increase now ranks Arkansas as the nation’s 33rd-largest state, sandwiched between the fast-growing state of Nevada at 3,034,392 residents and population-losing Mississippi with 2,986,530 denizens.

According to yearly population data compiled by the U.S. Census, Arkansas first surpassed Mississippi as the 32-largest state in 2016, prior to eclipsing the 3 million level in 2017. In 2018, however, Arkansas lost that position and was leapfrogged by Nevada, which held the 34th spot in the previous year.

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