Arkansas Rep Won’t Accept Pay During Government Shutdown

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) — Arkansas’s Second Congressional District Representative, and Congress member, French Hill says he’s withholding his pay until the partial government shutdown that started Saturday (Dec. 22) ends.

“Please withhold my pay until an appropriations agreement has taken effect. I cannot in good faith accept my pay when our federal employees will not receive theirs,” Hill said in a letter posted to social media.

Despite the partial shutdown, that stops some federal workers from being paid, Members of Congress will continue to be paid their salaries.

The House and Senate adjourned without a spending deal Friday (Dec. 21) night. President Trump is demanding $5 billion in funding for a Mexico border wall to be included in the spending deal. Democratic leaders are refusing to accede to Trump’s request.

Hill appeared on Fox Business on Friday to discuss negotiations between lawmakers over the partial shutdown.

“The safety of Arkansans and Americans supersedes party lines and we must secure our borders.”

Lawmakers are meeting for a rare Saturday session just days before Christmas to discuss an end to the partial shutdown. This partial shut down is the third in 2018.

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