Local Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas cheer comes once a year.

Linda Huff said, “We’ll have the candlelight service, and I’m in the choir. We have been practicing for weeks and months."

But some folks in our community get into the holiday spirit with Christmas traditions year after year.

"We decorate the house starting the day after Halloween putting up Christmas. I have santas all over the house, I have 10 trees decorated in every room. I bet we have about 100 santas," stated Sharla Cameron.

For some, family traditions have been passed down generation to generation.

Verlin Akers explained, “About 20 years ago we started a family tradition every Christmas eve. All the families get together that are a part of us to take a family portrait. We usually take it ourself. And it’s amazing to look now, cause we have them all on the wall and see how our family has growed.”

Some traditions began only a few years ago.

“We wrap a box, a lot of times, and put oven mitts on. And you try to open it and you have a certain amount of time. And you switch the box, and whoever opens it, there’s a prize inside, gets the prize," said Adrinna Hurley. 

And, some traditions began all because one family member was being a scrooge.

Brenda Kesner said, “We like to go and get a real Christmas tree, and then we go and decorate it while watching the Grinch, the cartoon, the original. They like to call their daddy, cause he doesn’t like to put up Christmas lights, they like to call him the Grinch.”

Covering Christmas where you live, Sabrina Bates, 5NEWS.

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