Family’s Annual Giving To First Responders More Personal This Year After Accident

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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS — Just six days ago, the Rea family was involved in a car accident right down the road from Rogers Fire Station Number 2. Now, on Christmas Day, they’re showing their gratitude for the first responders.

For four years, the Rea’s have participated in Cookies For Heroes, delivering cookies to first responders every Christmas. This year, giving to the station that helped the family so recently was a little more personal.

"The delivery at this department is special because this is the station that came to the crash," said Tiffany Rea. "Even down to our daughter Cora — she broke her bracelet in the crash, and she was hysterical. It was brand new, we had just bought it like 20 minutes before that.

"The firefighter literally took off his rubber bracelet and gave it to her," Tiffany Rea said. "Little things like just meant so much to us that they were there in our worst moment."

For firefighters like Adam Ellington, who is facing a Christmas away from friends and family, the cookies are more than just a snack.

"The most difficult parts for me is being away from family, and it's nice to know that we're still thought of," said Rogers Firefighters Adam Ellington. "I don’t think that everybody realizes we are here 24 hours a day, so it’s nice."

Rea says she's learned that the simple act of doing good is a gift for all involved, especially on Christmas.

"It’s helping me heal, and it’s made me realize that making a positive impact in someone else’s life is a blessing."

Cookies For Heroes is an annual event. This year more than 40 families participated throughout Northwest Arkansas.

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