Out Of State Residents Can Apply For A Temporary Medical Marijuana Patient License In Oklahoma

(KFSM) — Oklahoma moved with lightning speed once voters approved medical cannabis in June.

Farmers and entrepreneurs are racing to start commercial grow operations, and the state is issuing licenses to new patients, growers and dispensary operators at a frantic pace. Retail outlets opened just four months after legalization.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority tweeted out updated numbers for licenses approved since June 2018.

Those who don’t live in the state of Oklahoma are able to apply for a medical marijuana temporary adult license. The temporary license allows an individual with a valid medical marijuana license from another state to legally buy, use and grow medical marijuana and its products in Oklahoma.

The license will be in the form of an ID card to prove an individual is a license holder.

The temporary license is valid for 30 days, but cannot exceed the expiration date of the out-of-state license. A temporary license can be renewed, and the license holder is responsible for filing an application for renewal.

State health officials said more than 6,400 patients in Arkansas have already been approved for medicinal cards but it is unclear if those cards have been given out yet. Chronic pain, arthritis, and PTSD have been listed as the most common qualifying conditions for patients.

Unfortunately, those in Arkansas who have been approved for a medical marijuana license but have not received a card yet are unable to receive cannabis in Oklahoma. The approval letter patients received will not be accepted as verification.

Someone trying to apply for a temporary license must pay the $100 application fee, provide an out of state medical marijuana license and proof of identity.

Applications and payment will be collected at omma.ok.gov. A valid email address is required for login.

Temporary minor patient applications are available as well.

The next Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission meeting is on Jan. 9. Officials will announce dispensary scores at the meeting.

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