Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens In Roland

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ROLAND, Okla. (KFSM) -- A new medical marijuana dispensary is now opened in Roland, Oklahoma.

Pharm 788 located on U-S 64 opened today (Jan. 1). Staff members say they had a steady flow of traffic throughout the day. So far the response from the community has been positive.

"We had a lot of different customers come in," said Maeghan Barclay, a dispensary bartender. "We had a lot of medical cards that came in and also a lot of people that came in kind of inquiring information on how to obtain a card."

Experts say medical marijuana is used to treat symptoms associated with things like depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

Roland resident Billy Fricks said he's okay with the new dispensary opening up.

"I'm good with it," said Fricks. "I've got friends and people who have pain, and it does relieve them, so if it helps, it's good."

There is one issue that Pharm 788 encountered on the first day, temporary medical marijuana licenses.

People from out-of-state can now apply for a temporary medical marijuana license in Oklahoma. The temporary license allows those who have a medical marijuana card from a different state to purchase products in Oklahoma. The temporary license is only valid for 30 days.

So far, people in Arkansas have only received medical marijuana approval letters and not a valid card.

"It's basically all homework that we're all having to do," said Barclay. "Sometimes things are changing daily, so we really don't have a perfect answer for that right now, but hopefully in the future, we'll get a clear answer on how we can help our Arkansas patients."

Fricks said he doesn't think having a medical marijuana dispensary will change the small town.

It is still unclear at this time whether or not Oklahoma dispensaries can accept approval letters from Arkansas residents who have been approved for a medical marijuana license but have not yet received a card.

Right now, 805 dispensaries have been approved by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, and more than 1,300 people are now allowed to grow medical cannabis. Over 26,000 patients can legally buy medical cannabis in Oklahoma.

The next Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission meeting is on Jan. 9. Officials will announce dispensary scores at the meeting.

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