Blind Woman Robbed After Getting Ride To Little Rock

A legally blind woman was robbed after getting a ride from Conway to Little Rock on Tuesday, police reported.

Betty Kelly, 48, said she needed a ride home to Little Rock after visiting her sister in Conway and attending a church service in the city, according to a police report. Kelly said two people named “Kevin” and “Keisha” offered a ride in a white four-door pickup after the church service.

At about 6:15 p.m., as they approached her home, Kelly pulled out her wallet to give the two money for gas, according to the report. But they grabbed her wallet, which contained about $150, and forced her out of the vehicle on a street west of her home.

No injuries were reported.

Kevin and Keisha are described as black. He wore a gray shirt and black pants. She wore yellow and purple clothing and had an “odd” hair color, possibly blue or purple. More detailed descriptions were not available.