Veteran’s Missing ID Tags Found By Charleston Man Using Metal Detector

CHARLESTON (KFSM) — A family  has been reunited with a piece of a loved one's history after a Charleston man came across an Army ID tag identifying a veteran who had lost it back in the 1950's.

The veteran has since passed away, but his family says they're excited to have the lost tags back home.

Marvin Booker and his wife were searching for treasures in historic places in Charleston when they came across Graden C. Burke's ID tags with a metal detector.

Burke uploaded a photo of the tags to a Charleston Facebook page hoping the family would come forward to claim them, and Rebecca Faldon, Graden Burke's daughter, responded.

"It was found in a house a block or two off Highway 22 in Charleston, and I remember my grandparents living in a house off 22 back in the 50's" Faldon told 5NEWS.

Six years ago, two weeks shy of his 92 birthday, Graden Burke passed away. Family photos keep his memory alive, and now with the Army ID tags, Rebecca and her children have another piece of history to remember him by.

"My boys were excited about it too. I have two sons, and they were excited that pops tags have been found."

Faldon says she will continue to pass the ID tags down in her family in hopes of keeping them as long as they can.

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