#Januhairy: Why Women Are Ditching Their Razors This Month

(KTHV) — The sight of a woman growing out her natural hair — whether it be her arms, underarms, legs, on her face, etc. — is considered a taboo in society.

If her body isn’t smooth, she is conditioned to feel like she isn’t a woman. If there’s the sight of hair in any of these places, she is met with disgusted faces, stares and whispers that shatter her worth and confidence.

Hoping to battle this societal norm and start a conversation, a new trend is circulating on social media where women are throwing out their razors and ditching the wax strips to grow out their hair — everywhere!

The trend is called “Januhairy,” which is designed to empower women and embrace all that is natural, including the hair that grows on their bodies. It’s a month-long campaign that is also trying to raise money for the charity, “Body Gossip.”


“Embrace your body in all its authentic glory,” its Facebook account says. “To have pride in your natural self, and to share that with other women in celebration of our beautiful hairy bodies.”

It was started by 21-year-old Laura Jackson in the U.K. (see above photo) and women across the world quickly joined the movement:

Photo Courtesy of THV11



In other words, it’s the female’s “Movember.” But unlike “Movember,” it’s causing a lot of talk on the Internet — both for and against the campaign:








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