Terrain, Bright Sunlight May Have Contributed To Four-Accident Pileup In Centerton

BENTON COUNTY — “The sun was in the right spot at the wrong time.”

That’s the explanation Officer David Lopez with the Centerton Police Department gave regarding the four-accident pileup on Highway 72 Wednesday morning near the outskirts of Centerton.

Lopez said drivers were coming around the curve eastbound passing a grove of trees. Lopez said someone was stopped, but because of the location of the sun, its brightness and the fact that the drivers had just come from a shaded area, it made it difficult for drivers to see.

“The sun was blinding and was in just the right spot,” he said. The situation led to four separate accidents on Highway 72 from Lost Oak Drive to Bear Tooth Drive involving a total of nine vehicles. No commercial vehicles were involved, he said.

“Everyone was either going to work or going to school,” Lopez said.

The accident closed the eastbound lane while Centerton Police investigated with the help of the Arkansas State Police.

Lopez said three people were injured and were transported to area hospitals, but they were all conscious and talking. He said he didn’t know the full extent of their injuries.

Lopez said it will take some investigating to figure out exactly what happened. At the time, they were working to treat the injured and clear the busy roadway.

“Once we get back and break it down more, we may be able to better figure out what happened,” he said.

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