Walmart Surveillance Video Helps Missouri Police Catch Spray-Painting Vandals

WASHINGTON, Mo. (KTVI)— Surveillance video from a Walmart store on Route 100 helped police in Washington, Mo., catch some spray-painting vandals.

The four people are accused of spray painting several cars and damaging personal property in the Emerald City and Country Lake Estates subdivisions.

Police told our St. Louis affiliate KTVI Fox 2 Now the crimes happened late evening between Jan. 6 and Jan. 7.

“I was really frustrated, it was embarrassing," said Bryan Strauser, whose work van was vandalized with the wording 'Free Candy' spray painted on the side of the vehicle.

“I can say that they did do us a little favor by doing it with washable paint, but it wasn’t too much of a favor because it took me an hour.”

Police said video from the store's surveillance cameras helped an officer recognize one suspect that lead to identifying three others involved.

All four males were arrested.

“Just a little too much time on their hands," said Brady Donaldson. Donaldson said he didn’t even see the pink spray paint until after he drove his car to and from work and then back home.

“I would say bring them out and make them apologize to absolutely everyone that they got and make them throw a little elbow grease on there and clean everything up themselves," said Brady.

Police have not identified the suspects as the case remains an active investigation.

Deputies with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office believe there are more victims who haven’t come forward, but they are encouraging anyone affected to do so by calling (636) 583-2560.

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