List Of Potential Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Where You Live Released

ARKANSAS (KFSM) —On Wednesday (Jan. 9) the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission approved the scoring results for dispensary applicants across the Natural State.

32 of the 198 applicants will receive a dispensary license, our partners at KATV Little Rock reports.

The commission split the dispensary applications by eight geographic zones.

dispensary zones.png. Photo Courtesy: KATV.

The top four applicants from each zone will be offered a license. A list of the top five applicants from each zone has been released.

Arkansas Dispensary List by on Scribd

Two groups from Fayetteville, two groups from Bentonville and one from Eureka Springs make up Zone 1.

  •  Acanza at 2733 North McConnel Avenue in Fayetteville
  • Valentine Holdings at 3390 Martin Luther King Blvd in Fayetteville
  • Arkansas Medicinal Source at 406 Razorback Drive in Bentonville
  • The Releaf Center at 9400 McNelly Road in Bentonville
  • Eureka Green at 309 West Van Buren in Eureka Springs

Four groups from Fort Smith and one from Clarksville are in Zone 4.

  • Valentine Holdings at 9410 Rogers Avenue in Fort Smith
  • Natural State Wellness Dispensary at 4509 Newlon Road in Fort Smith
  • JPS Management in Fort Smith
  • River Valley Dispensary at 23788 West Highway 28 in Fort Smith
  • Johnson County Dispensary in Clarksville

(We will update the addresses of the potential dispensaries as we gather more information.)

Acanza Health Group scored the highest grade out of more than 200 applications for medical marijuana dispensary licenses in Arkansas.

“We`re actually very excited to be part of the industry. It was an amazing amount of work to get to this point, but very happy with the outcome. It really gives us the ability to provide medicine for patients which at the core of the business is what we are trying to accomplish,” Michael Mayes said.

Now Acanza has to choose between Fayetteville and Pine Bluff to open a dispensary which industry consultant Michael Mayes said is going to be a tough decision.

He said it`s hard to speculate when they could open for business because a lot of the timeline has to do with how quick permits are issued.

“That also has a point in our decision. How quickly we can move through the building process. Our goal is to build out as quickly as possible. We have already mobilized and started to interview contractors,” he said.

Arkansas has approved more than 6,700 cards for patients to use medical marijuana, and the state Department of Health has said it won't distribute the cards until February, according to the Associated Press. Patients are still likely months away from being able to buy medical marijuana.

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