Springdale Coach Reaches Milestone

SPRINGDALE (KFSM) - Springdale girl’s basketball coach Heather Hunsucker picked up career victory number one hundred Tuesday night, and she couldn’t be more excited.

"First of all, it means you’re getting old."

Her players had a different reason to celebrate after game, despite coach's best efforts.

"I was trying to keep it a secret, but the girls got to eat cookie cake, so that’s how they found out."

"We got a whole cake, we felt too good," admits guard Thalyanna Sysavanh-Landry.

Hunsucker spent 8 years as an assistant with Fayetteville schools. Now, in her 8th year as head coach at Springdale, this feels like a culmination of sorts for a lifelong journey.

"This is something, since I was about four year’s old, I’ve been saying I wanted to be a basketball coach. So to be a coach in this league and to be at this school and the amount of love I have for Springdale and Springdale high, to do this here really means a lot to me," says Hunsucker.

And while all 100 of those victories have come here in the largest conference in the state, Coach Hunsucker’s basketball story has humbler beginnings.

"I was in a small town, I grew up in this town called Waldron, and basketball, sports, were kind of everything to me. I was just consumed with watching our high school back in Waldron, those high school girls were my idols, and so it’s just a game that I fell in love with."

It’s a feeling that she passes on to her players, says Sysavanh-Landry.

"She has so much heart for the game, it gives the team life, gives the team energy."

"She’s just gonna push you to be your best, on and off the court," adds Marquesha Davis

And they think one hundred wins is just a start.

"We’d love to get 101 on Friday."

The Lady Bulldogs will get that chance at home Friday night against arch-rival Har-Ber.

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