Fayetteville Chamber Of Commerce Gives Students Textbook Guide To Workforce

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) -- The city of Fayetteville is taking strides towards preparing its youth for the workforce.

The Chamber of Commerce has created the textbook called 'A Calling' which includes in-depth information about local employers. The book features different career descriptions within the company and job requirements.

The book has been distributed to nearly 4,000 students in the area from grades 8-12 and will be accessible to them inside the classroom.

'A Calling' has also been sent out to the parents of each of those students. Copies have been delivered to 1,000 businesses in Northwest Arkansas.

Steve Clark, Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce President, said the textbook will lead to more shadowing experiences and field trips for students deciding on a career path. He said hopes this will help keep bright minds in the area.

"For Fayetteville and Washington County and Northwest Arkansas to continue to succeed as it has now we just have to recruit talent talent talent and we have to develop talent talent talent," Clark said. "That is why this book is so exciting."

Clark said the end goal is to eventually pair students up with these employers through the help of the textbook.

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