CVS Caremark Insurance Will No Longer Be Accepted At Walmart Pharmacies Starting In May

(KFSM) — If you have CVS Caremark insurance, you might not be able to fill your prescriptions at Walmart anymore.

Starting in May 2019, Walmart will not accept prescriptions from many patients under CVS Caremark insurance, including some Medicaid and Blue Cross Blue Shield’s plans.

Walmart cut ties with CVS Caremark, citing unfair pricing. In 2018, pharmacists throughout Arkansas went to battle with CVS Caremark and other PBMs when they slashed reimbursement prices that pharmacists receive when they fill a prescription.

In many cases, CVS Caremark was reimbursing independent pharmacists at a rate lower than the pharmacy paid to purchase the medication, while paying their own CVS pharmacies at rates much higher.

If you’re unclear if your insurance is included with this change, contact your insurance provider.

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