Lawsuit Continues Against State Senator For Blocking Arkansans On Social Media Accounts

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KFSM) — One Northwest Arkansas woman testified in federal court Tuesday (Jan. 15) after a state senator blocked her and other atheist constituents from his social media accounts.

The original complaint was filed on behalf of American Atheists members in Arkansas against Senator Jason Rapert back in October of 2018.

Karen Dempsey of Rogers and two others said Rapert unconstitutionally blocked them after they expressed different viewpoints and due to the fact they are atheists.

Ark. Sen. Jason Rapert

Rapert said these are his personal social media accounts and he has never blocked someone for having opposing views, but there are rules on the page and if they are broken then those people will be banned from the site.

He said one of the plaintiffs is actually a co-administrator of a secret account meant to speak negatively about him.

“They testified that they are an administrator of that account and that they had indeed blocked me from that account. So this is a situation where this is simply politically motivated. It’s a frivolous lawsuit and they simply want to silence me from saying the things that I stand up for,” said Rapert.

Rapert said some of the plaintiffs have actually sent him emails and have contacted him on other social media accounts.

He said the way to get in touch with your state legislature is to actually call the state Senate or to send an email.

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