Arkansas Department Of Environmental Quality Receives Action Plan For Addressing Stump Dump Fire In Bella Vista

BELLA VISTA (KFSM) —The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) has received an action plan for addressing a smoldering fire at the site of a former stump dump in Bella Vista.

The draft plan provides seven alternatives to put out the fire.

The seven options are:

  1. Smoke Mitigation
  2. Injection Gallery
  3. Dam
  4. Smother
  5. Controlled Burn
  6. Targeted Quenching
  7. Excavation and Quenching

Smoke mitigation would be implemented to reduce and/or remove particulate matter, a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets in the air, from the atmosphere. Smoke mitigation measures, such as water cannons, would “knock down” smoke as it is generated across the site.

An injection gallery would be installed across the site to introduce water into the subsurface to extinguish the fire.

Dam construction around the perimeter would be put in place to flood the Trafalgar Road site to quench the fire.

Alertanvite 4 entails covering the entire site with fill material, soil high in moisture, to smother the fire.

A controlled burn could encourage a cleaner, faster burn at the stump dump site.

Targeted quenching would address the fire by using foams which improve wettability and penetration of the ground.

Excavation and quenching would entail using firefighting and an onsite quenching pond. Water would be recycled onsite and potable water added as needed.

Click here to read the full draft report.

Check back for updates to this story as we continue to add more details about the seven alternatives to put out the stump dump fire.

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