Bad Odor Lingers In The Air Around Fort Smith

FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — Some people in the River Valley may have recently noticed a bad smell in the air.

What’s causing the horrible odor?

According to Fort Smith City leaders, the smell is coming from fertilizer used on the local crop field on sod farms in Crawford County.

Mike Faucher lives near the farmlands and says you can smell the odor at least five days a week.

“I have dealt with agriculture my whole life and we’ve put out all kinds of different fertilizers and we’ve used chicken litter, and we’ve used cow manure, and everything else," said Faucher. “All of it has a little smell and rightly so, but it generally disappears after a day or two.”

He says the smell just won’t go away, making it hard to do activities outdoors.

“No, we can’t do anything outside. You have to hold your breath to go to the car," said Faucher.

He says it’s gotten so bad that he’s considering moving.

“It’s horrible. It’s like living at the sewer lagoon and I mean we have talked about possibly we might sell our properties sometime, and there’s no way we could get our property sold with the stench as it is," said Faucher.

5NEWS reached out to the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality to get more questions answered but we did not get a callback.

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