Mountainburg Police Cracking Down On Leash Laws In The City

MOUNTAINBURG, Ark. (KFSM) — Starting now, the City of Mountainburg is cracking down on their leash laws.

Officers say they have been directed to take zero tolerance approach to maintain peace and public safety.

A few of the items on the ordinance say it is unlawful for dogs to run at-large off of the owner's property. It says dogs must be tethered if not restricted to the property by rope, chain or enclosure.

The ordinance also says it is unlawful to own more than four adult dogs.

The City of Mountainburg does not have a permanent facility to keep dogs. Therefore dogs on the loose will not be picked up, but they will cite the owners.

"We've been doing warning for months now and a few citations but we saw the problem, so it's time now that we started forcing, if we see dogs out running around that aren't on their owner's property then we will start issuing citations," said Mountainburg Police Chief Vincent Clamser.

Police say that they will issue a citation for each day an animal is permitted to run loose. They also say if you feed or have cared for a stray dog, you take ownership of that animal and are liable under this ordinance.

All dog owners must keep their premises reasonably free of offensive and unsanitary conditions. The ordinance also says that it is unlawful to keep, house or harbor any dog which disturbs the peace of neighbors by barking loud and frequently.

Those convicted of a violation of this ordinance are subject to a fine between $150 to $500 per offense.

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